Mis Primeras Impresiones de Sevilla y Espana

Estoy muy cansado y por lo tanto voy a escribir mis primeras impresiones cortas de Sevilla y de Espana.  He estado en Sevilla por solo diez horas y en Espana por 15.  En este tiempo he aprendido y percibido las siguientes cosas:

  • el aeropuerto de Madrid es hermoso pero es imposible para navegar.  Estuve afortunado que encontre mi vuelo de conexion
  • Vi un poca de la tierra de Espana desde los aviones y ya se que quiere tomar el tren a Madrid (en lugar de volar) para que puedo ver mas del campo
  • Como muchas ciduades de Europa, la mayoria de las calles de Sevilla son pequenas y tienen bastante espacio para solo un coche
  • Vi mi primera protesta en Sevilla afuera del ayuntamiento.  Yo espero ver mas durante mi tiempo aqui porque de la crisis economica aqui.
  • Finalmente, la vida nocturna ocurre en las calles, donde muchas personas beben, fuman, y hablan a las muy tempranas horas de la manana.  Estoy emocionando para experimentar esto.
Protesta afuera del ayuntamiento de Sevilla

Protesta afuera del ayuntamiento de Sevilla

Ahora es tiempo para dormir.  Manana tengo muchas cosas que necesito hacer.  Ojala que tenga tiempo para escribir sobre ellos.

Hasta manana,


Click the fold for a rough english translation!

I’m very tired and therefore am going to write my initial impressions of Seville and of Spain. I have been in Seville for 10 hours and in Spain for 15.  In this time I have learned the following things:

  • The Madrid airport is beautiful but impossible to navigate.  I’m very fortunate to have found my connecting flight.  That place is not intuitive at all!  So many gringos running around with no clue about where to go.
  • I saw a bit of the Spanish countryside from the airplane and it is beautiful.  I already know that I want to travel from Seville to Madrid via high-speed rail rather than plane so that I can take in the scenery.
  • Like many European cities, Seville has very small streets with just enough room for a single car
  • I saw my first protest in Seville outside of the town hall.  I expect to see more because of the economic crisis here.
  • Finally, night life here takes place in the streets where many people drink, smoke, and talk into the wee hours of the morning.  I am excited to experience this.

Now it is time to sleep.  I have many things to do tomorrow.  I hope I have the time to write about them.

Until tomorrow.


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  1. Happy to see you posting in both Spanish and English. I will be reading the Spanish versions first so I can practice my language skills and then read the English version to see how I am doing. Looking forward to following your observations and thoughts on Spain and your experiences there.

    • Un buen idea! Buenas suerte con aprender – pienso que su espanol es bueno para una persona que no lo ha usado por muchos anos.

  2. Dear Esteban,

    I love reading your blog. I can even figure out some of the Spanish. Things sound good and I’m glad the program is keeping you busy so you can see the sights and experience the ham! Sounds delicious. The Spanish are known for what they can do with the leg of a pig so enjoy the varieties. Daddy and I had a busy weekend. We opened the pool and it looks great but it’s a balmy 60. We had lunch with Daniel and Nonnie yesterday and then took your grandmother shopping – unbelievably we got her shoes and a new recliner chair for her apt!!! A real banner day.

    Today it’s cold and rainy so we’ve been doing “stuff” in the house. We’ll probably head back in about an hour or so.

    Love you and hope your first day of class is good! Hugs and kisses, Mom