I am now writing for PolicyMic!

Dear readers,

I have good news: I have started writing for the website PolicyMic as a contributing author in their politics/world sections!  In case you aren’t familiar with PolicyMic, it’s one of the fastest-growing sources for original news and opinion pieces on the web.  What makes PolicyMic different from other sites, however, is that all the articles are written by millennials and you can interact with each author through the rewarding of “mics” (think likes as on Facebook) and designating them either an ally or a rival.  The result is interactive content from a unique perspective.  In fact, PolicyMic has been so successful that it has attracted attention from such heavy-hitters as Senator Rand Paul, former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, and many more.  I am excited to be working for such a cutting-edge team.

On that note, today I published my first piece for PolicyMic, which you can find here.  In it I write about how the growing tensions between Obama and Putin could negatively impact the Syrian refugees.  It was a fun piece to write and I look forward to more assignments from the PolicyMic editors in the weeks to come.  All my stories will be available here, on my personal PolicyMic page.  However, I will continue to write for this blog as well, just perhaps not as often as I once did.  Regardless, stay tuned for more original content from both stephenokin.com and from my page on PolicyMic!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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