A Series of Haikus on Ukraine

I once had a professor in college who, when assigning homework, gave us the choice of either writing an essay in response to the reading or composing a haiku. Not surprisingly, all of us chose to write haikus and embrace his philosophy of: “the pithier, the better.” I mention this because today I am giving this strange but charming custom another go. I’ve had less time to write recently, but I still want to comment on international affairs. For now, this seems to me an easy way to manage the situation.  So without further adieu, here’s a series of haikus on the crisis in Ukraine. 


Future Europe must

be harder better faster,

and dare I say, strong?


When you see something

scary, who you gonna call?

America, duh.


Charlie Wilson had

his war in Afghanistan.

Round two in Ukraine?


The West must never

rest, assured of its power,

savage beasts still prowl.


Winter’s thaw replaced

by new cold front from the East.

At war with cold, again.


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